Become an Acquisition Entrepreneur. Transform Your Financial Future.

Become an Acquisitions Entrepreneur. Transform Your Financial Future.




Founder and CEO of Brighter Living Properties, a real estate investment group with seven figures in assets under management, Jason is a former valedictorian with a professional background centered around entrepreneurship. He began his career when he sold $187k in commercial roofing during the summer between his junior and senior year of high school. His sales actions opened major new government accounts including Ontario-Montclair Unified School District, Whittier Union S.D, and Westside Unified S.D.

Jason went on to earn a valedictorian award at Santiago Canyon College before receiving his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with honors from University of California, Los Angeles. He then continued along the academic path by joining a research team at Stanford University, before turning his focus to entrepreneurship within the training and coaching industry.

Jason’s work has been featured in many recognized publications, including The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and Social Confidence Mastery. His coaching has directly produced positive results for men living in four continents including North America, Europe, South America, and most recently — Australia. You can see some of his testimonials at

After successfully establishing himself in the coaching and training space, Jason shifted gears. He’s now the founder and CEO at Brighter Living Properties – the investment group on a mission to transform the affordable housing industry.

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