Educational Background & Featured In

Educational Background & Featured In

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Founder and CEO of Brighter Living Properties, a real estate investment group with seven figures in assets under management, Jason is a former valedictorian with a professional background centered around entrepreneurship. He began his career when he sold $187k in commercial roofing during the summer between his junior and senior year of high school. His sales actions opened major new government accounts including Ontario-Montclair Unified School District, Whittier Union S.D, and Westside Unified S.D.

Jason went on to earn a valedictorian award at Santiago Canyon College before receiving his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with honors from University of California, Los Angeles. He then continued along the academic path by joining a research team at Stanford University, before turning his focus to entrepreneurship.

In early 2019, Jason ventured on a process towards becoming an acquisitions entrepreneur. Only months before, Jason knew little about M&A and finance. Since that time, he’s devoured everything he can get his hands on regarding the subject, as well as seeking out many mentors and board members who have executed billions of dollars in M&A transactions.

He’s now the founder and CEO at Brighter Living Properties (BLP) – the investment group on a mission to transform the affordable housing industry. BLP completed its first acquisition in August of 2019 (8 months since Jason started thinking about M&A), and it’s been a major success for the company and its investors. The manufactured housing community that was purchased by BLP has an intrinsic competitive advantage within the community it serves in the great state of Nebraska. With a significant amount of economic growth and jobs, the area that BLP’s new housing community serves has a major supply-demand imbalance for affordable housing. This is evidenced by the fact that during the Coronavirus Pandemic, economic occupancy has stayed at 100% for the community. All prospects point toward this acquisition being a major success for years to come. 

In addition to being the CEO of BLP, Jason has also founded Brighter Utilities to work in synergy (when possible) with BLP across the Unties States. One of the largest expenses a manufactured housing community sometimes faces is plumbing and HVAC services. This was not the only reason why Jason chose plumbing and HVAC for new growth – actually, manufactured housing communities have very high margins (low expenses). So, plumbing and HVAC can be an issue, but it is rare. Jason has chosen the plumbing and HVAC sectors based on the sectors’ inelastic demand and on future franchising opportunities. Many scientists argue that modern plumbing has saved more lives than modern medicine – in other words, it is as essential as it gets. HVAC is very similar – communities of people need to combat the external temperature brought about by nature for comfortable living and productivity. Those two premises are not going to change in the United States.

As the CEO of two investment groups, Jason stays extremely busy searching for companies with inherent competitive advantages and growth opportunities within their local geography.

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