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Message from Jason:

What Buying Companies Did for My Life...

(And Why I'm So Passionate About It)

Before I Bought My First Company:

  • “Was I destined for 9 to 5 my entire life?” ran through my head daily. 
  • I returned home from Dan Pena’s Castle Seminar in December of 2018.
  • I was sleeping on my grandma’s pullout couch in my early months when building my deal team and looking for deals… thanks grandma!
  • I leveraged everything I had to get started. Bye-bye 9 to 5!

Grandma's pull-out couch

Former apartment complex in Omaha

After My First 7-Figure Deal in Omaha, NE

  • In August of 2019, I purchased a manufactured housing community in the Omaha, Nebraska area. 
  • This first deal put me in a MUCH better place in terms of my net worth.

After My Second 7-Figure Deal in Tampa, FL

  • In November of 2020, we purchased a professional plumbing service company and its real estate with a great 25 year history and great clients.
  • Now, I am living in a fairly upscale apartment in Tampa Bay. 
  • This is only the beginning for me. Much more to follow…

The view from my new apartment in Tampa

Future Florida Mansion???... LET'S GO

After My Next 7 or 8-Figure Deal ???

  • To be continued.
  • Just wait. We are looking at 7 and 8-figure deals at the time of writing this…
  • It will happen as I buy more great companies. 
  • Why not have big dreams?

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