A Public Service Announcement for All Capital Allocators

By Jason Paul Rogers

If you allocate capital for others or invest yourself, this is for you…

I sincerely implore you to watch the following video by Charlie Munger (link below)..

FYI: Charlie is Warren Buffett’s business partner at Berkshire.

In the video, Charlie talks about where most capital allocators get it wrong!

Hint: his “secret” firstly is to know your knitting; and to *AVOID* investments you don’t fully understand!

As a side note, this premise is why at Brighter Living Properties we *only* make manufactured housing investments; as opposed to diverse investments.

But back to Charlie, who essentially says in the video (I’m paraphrasing):

“If we work very hard, we may find a handful of good investments where we’re confident we’ll be right. And when we find such opportunities, we invest.”

His thesis is so simple: STOP trying to understand every investment under the sun. Instead, ensure you truly understand the investment you *actually* allocate your capital into! 

Likewise, confirm you’re indeed extremely bullish in that allocation beforehand! And, when you are *very* confident? After in-depth due diligence? Invest heartily! 

I’ll put a link to Charlie’s video in the comments…


Ps – Here’s the video link: https://youtu.be/53vXIbsaBgw

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