Why 2019 Taught Me to Be More Skeptical


By Jason Paul Rogers

Though I’m naturally quite “trusting,” in 2019, I’ve learned to be far more skeptical! 

I’ll explain… 

Indeed, various negotiations within Brighter Living Properties over the past year have taught me to never wholeheartedly trust the data presented to me in an impending real estate purchase, an applicants resume, or even equipment for sale.

And, as cynical as this sounds, the more skeptical I’ve become in each scenario, usually, the better I’ve fared.

My best negotiation moments have come precisely when I’ve asked the most questions, turned over the most rocks, and “stress tested” the “deal” most.

On the contrary, the times when I’ve accepted information presented to me “at face value” have quickly taught me how costly this error of omission can be!

Often times, the simple practice of “stress testing a deal” indeed rapidly reveals holes in it!

In turn, this practice often A) exposes the deal isn’t worth doing, and/or B) produces legitimate leverage to reduce the “price.”

Either way; that’s a win for us – as buyers (of a property, equipment, business,  a vehicle, etc.).

Hence as buyers, I believe it’s our responsibility to stay disciplined, aware, and, well.. skeptical!, during due diligence.

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