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From Zero Idea to 7-Figure Acquisitions

Platinum Package

This is an application-only, 1-on-1 consulting program Jason offers to serious acquisition entrepreneurs and business owners. This is NOT a seminar or a college business course. This is 1-on-1 M&A consulting specifically tailored to your situation in real-time as you pick an industry (if you don’t have one already), build your M&A deal team, get deal flow, raise debt and equity, value companies, negotiate, and do deals… 

Part 1: You Will Instantly Get Access to Jason's "From Zero Idea to 7-Figure Acquisitions" Online Program & Mastermind...

You will have lifetime access to all of Jason’s exclusive M&A content. Over 44 hours of video, 10 hours of audio, and 65 supporting files are inside our members area. You’ll be able to join in on monthly Zoom calls until June of 2022 with other acquisition entrepreneurs who are in the trenches. You’ll also get access to our members-only mastermind group on Facebook. Click here to see the full curriculum of content (scroll to the curriculum section).

Part 2: Spend a Night In Tampa Bay, Florida Where Jason "Tells All" On M&A and Getting Deals Done (This kicks off the 1-on-1 consulting program...)

Flight, hotel, and a nice dinner with Jason is included in the program. You will get a chance to speak with Jason for approximately 3 or so hours this night. Jason will “tell all” on M&A and getting deals done. There are a lot of things Jason knows that he can’t share anywhere (based on his experiences in business and getting deals done). Jason has employees, bankers, sellers, investors, and M&A team members with keen eyes on him… always. On this night, you can ask any question you’d like about M&A, finance, whatever (or anytime during the program). On this night, Jason will provide the most candid advice and help you come up with an action plan that you can start implementing when you get back home. This advice specifically tailored to your situation is absolutely priceless. Jason will tell you what is holding you (specifically) back and help you round out your weaknesses to put you on the best path to getting profitable deals done. 

Part 3: Twelve Monthly Zoom Calls and Access to Jason's Personal Email

At the end of every month for 12 months following your night with Jason in Tampa, you and Jason will have an hour-long Zoom call where you can ask questions about deals you are working on, your M&A deal team, raising debt and equity, operations, organic growth, whatever. Jason will make sure you’re making sufficient progress towards getting a deal or two done in a timely fashion. Jason tells it like it is. Results are all that matter. Jason will be candid and do everything he can to help you get the ultimate result of buying a 7-figure business or a business that is bigger than your current business. These Zoom calls will be priceless to your success. Things come up when doing deals (How do I structure this deal?, How do I get the money for this deal/structure?, How do I negotiate this to get what I want, How should I value this company?, etc.) that require someone with experience to give you the proper advice to save you from making big mistakes or losing tons of money. That is something you want to avoid. Trust me. I’ve made mistakes. Mistakes that have cost me tons of time and money. But more important than mistakes (mistakes will always happen if you are making actual progress), Jason will get you on the “bigger-picture” path to true success in business. That’s what matters. Again, mistakes will happen, what you really don’t want to waste is time in the “minors” of business… You want to get to the “big leagues” as soon as possible. If you want to cut the learning curve tremendously and get the absolute best from Jason, this program might be for you. 


Program Requirements:

  • You should have 50k at least in liquidity (we aren’t going to check your bank statement or anything like that). 
  • You should be a somewhat successful entrepreneur, salesperson, whatever – meaning you’ve made a few bucks or accomplished something in life. The reality of the situation is this program is for entrepreneurs that are serious. Jason is going to be working with you 1-on-1 for a decent amount of time… And time is money. We need to know you are serious, ambitious, and can follow instructions. In other words, you need to be “coachable.”
  • This program works better for Americans, given Jason spends 100% of his time in the US. With the COVID pandemic, flying between countries is more difficult. We recommend you look into our Gold Package Program if you are outside of North America. If you are super serious and reside outside of North America, schedule a call below and we’ll see if we can work something out. 

More Details:

  • Total of 15 hours (3 in Tampa with Jason in person + 12 one-hour long monthly Zoom calls) and access to Jason’s email where you and him can go back and forth. Airfare, hotel, and a nice diner will be included on the night when you meet Jason in Tampa, FL.  
  • No discounts, please don’t ask.
  • We only accept wire transfers for this service. 
  • The full amount must be paid upfront. We don’t do payment plans or anything like that.
  • You must speak with Jason to gain entry into this program. You can schedule a call below.