Interested in up to a 15% yearly dividend, along with equity upside - and absolutely zero fees?



If you’re an accredited investor, you have a number of options from which to choose from – when seeking to “put your money to work.” It’s my job, as the Managing Director of both Brighter Living, and Brighter Utilities, to candidly inform investors regarding how I choose investments, which investments we pass on (and why), as well as how we perform due-diligence to ensure we only choose the very best performing investment vehicles. 


I’ll get into the details in a minute. But first, let me level with you. To be blunt: we don’t put together “Silicoln Valley” type “angel” investments. So, if you’re seeking a 5650% ROI, you’re in the wrong place. Rather, the investments we do put together offer returns that outperform the S&P, yet maintain a high level of security.

Here’s why: Crucially, I personally guarantee the debt for each and every acquisition I oversee. This means, I have skin in the game, alongside the investor(s) I partner with – at both Brighter Living and Brighter Utilities. Notably, via signing for the debt, I carry the most liability of anybody involved in our deals. Consequently, I only sign on the dotted line for acquisitions I *truly* believe in enough to bet my financial future on. 

Furthermore, since either Brighter Living or Brighter Utilities (both of which I have a majority stake in) take a majority equity stake in any deal I oversee, we don’t charge any acquisition, management, nor disposition fees whatsoever. Our equity positions in our deals mean we earn our stake via sweat, hustle, out of pocket expenses, etc.

Moreover, since I hold a majority position in both Brighter Living and Brighter Utilities, and because these entities hold the majority of the equity in any specific deal they’re involved in, know that I, Jason Rogers, ultimately call the shots regarding our investments, properties, and companies we acquire and manage. There is only one ultimate decision maker. I am that person. This doesn’t mean I don’t listen to my team, and to the investors I partner with. Rather, in Brighter Living and Brighter Utilities, the best ideas always rise to the top, no matter whom they come from. We believe in meritocracy to a fault. That all said, when a hard decision needs to be made, that responsibility ultimately lies with me: which I relish.

Candidly, this is what separates us from the pack: the ability to consistently make the right decision, even if it’s not the easy one. I can’t even keep count of how many sellers, brokers, and investment bankers we’ve pissed off – because of all the deal’s we walked away from after findings in diligence. Investment discipline is our religion. It’s the ability to pass on a potential investment, as much as it is the ability to pull the trigger when the time is right – that makes for superior returns. Cool, calm, and calculated – and never emotional. This is the mentality I adhere to – to ensure the best decision is always made. Combine that with the fact that think about, analyze, investigate and create investment opportunities late into the night, early into the morning, and any time in between – and it becomes clear why we put together lovely investments. Diligence and a cool head breed confidence. 

And, because I’m so confident in the investment decisions we ultimately make, we require that our investors always “eat first”- via monthly dividend payouts. This means we only make money *after* we distribute our dividends to our investors. Admittedly, we structure our investments this way for self-serving purposes: so our accredited investors stay hungry to continue partnering alongside us!


Speaking of which, allow me to quickly outline the two investment vehicles we manage…


Firstly, Brighter Living puts together investments in the manufactured housing sector. Being a recession recession resistant sector as it is, combined with our group’s operational experience in the sector, make this a safe, healthy investment choice. We offer 8% yearly preferred rates of return, and also offer equity upside for investors whom partner with Brighter Living.


Then, there’s Brighter Utilities – the second investment group I founded – which makes investments in home-service plumbing, heating/air, and electrical businesses. Given the consistent service work demand these businesses receive, these companies – when operated properly – perform well in virtually all economic markets. However, because we’re able to buy companies in this sector for between 2 to 5 times earnings (as opposed to manufactured housing communities, which buy/sell at between roughly 7 to 16 times earnings), we currently offer investors who partner with Brighter Utilities 15% yearly preferred rates of return, along with equity upside.


If you’re seeking to further ascertain how I think about investment, business, and capital allocation, I implore you to watch the video series I organized below. They indeed give an honest sense of how I view business, investments, operations, and the like. 

Likewise, you’re welcomed to schedule a call with me using the red button below. I always enjoy speaking about allocating capital with accredited investors.


Yours truly,
Jason Rogers


PS – though at the time of writing this we are over-subscribed for our current acquisition (Brighter Utilities is under contract to purchase a $2,300,000 electrical company – as of July 27th 2020), I implore you to sign up below – so that I can notify you when we see a potential investment opportunity on the horizon. To proceed, please click the red “Investor Sign Up” button below…

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