Though at the time of writing this we are fully subscribed for our current acquisition (Brighter Utilities is under contract to purchase a niche company and it’s real estate, in the Tampa, FL market – as of August 20th 2020), I implore you to sign up below to our accredited investor list. 


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Video series: My investment approach

Intro video (watch first)

Video 1: Are accounting & law firms worth it? (feat Warren Buffett on due diligence & dealmaking)

Video 2: My POV on buying companies in 2020 ("get rich quick" vs. *my plan* for wealth)

Video 3: How to Bulletproof a Business Acquisition (Hint: Moats)

Video 4: The key finance terms to know when financing business acquisitions

Video 5: Business buying guide: how to profitably buy a business

Video 6: Due Diligence 101: Key Checklist Before Buying a Business

Video 7: Jason Rogers: What I'd Do Different (m&a startup)

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